Lizard Kisses - Tooth Notes
Self-Released / 2011 / Cassette

Cassette: $5 + $2 S&H


Digital Download: "Pay What You Wish"
available via Bandcamp

Tooth Notes is a collection of demos for our upcoming release with Portuguese label, Cakes & Tapes. These songs were recorded in the living room of our Brooklyn apartment with one microphone straight to tape. We decided to self-release the demos and put it out simultaneous to the release of Tiny Island Teeth.

The cassettes were handpressed and printed by Cory Siegler and Marc Merza in a numbered edition of 25 (13 on orange shells, 12 on green shells). We dubbed each of the tapes ourselves. Artwork and layout by Cory Siegler. The inserts were printed on vellum, giving an overlay effect once they were folded. Each cassette label sticker was designed and printed differently, making each one unique.

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